Your idea in focus.

All ideas incubate for a season. Then a choice needs to be made. It’s that now or never feeling in your gut. You know when you feel it. If you don’t act—now and in a serious way—something vital will be lost.

The BoldIdea Mastermind program is expressly designed for times like this. You’ll interact with others who, like you, are serious about moving on the idea God has put in their heart. Every session is coached by Leary Gates, the corporate and venture coach behind the BoldIdea programs, and is geared toward helping you get your next venture off the ground.



Mastermind groups have been around for hundreds of years in a variety of forms. At the heart of the concept lies a core group of people committed to helping each other achieve their goals. The BoldIdea Mastermind combines the power of commitment with the structure of coaching and learning. All from the comfort of your home.

What you get from a BoldIdea Mastermind

  • Six 120-minute live sessions over three months by video-conference, featuring inspiring training on a variety of practical topics (see session program at right); updates from group members; and group collaboration on a specific member’s venture.
  • Engaging ideas shared by other mastermind members to help you with the challenges or questions you have about bringing your venture to life.
  • Access to a private Basecamp project management tool for additional interaction among the Mastermind members outside of the videoconference sessions.
  • Private email coaching with Leary for the duration of the Mastermind.
  • Access to recorded feature topics for review at any time.

Mastermind session schedule

Mastermind programs are held on alternating weeks. Each session includes a check-in with all members, a segment with a Focus Member to discuss their specific challenges and a Featured Topic based on the following schedule (topics may vary depending on member needs):

  • Session 1: Kickoff & Introductions
  • Session 2: To-do Triage: Finding What Actions Matter Most
  • Session 3: Finding Your Perfect-fit Customer
  • Session 4: Finding What Your Customers Value Most 
  • Session 5: Developing a Brand that Lasts
  • Session 6: Mastermind Elective

Is the BoldIdea Mastermind right for you?

The BoldIdea Mastermind is not for everyone. However, if the following attributes are true for you, then we invite you to be a part of our next program:

  • You have an idea and you’re finally serious about pursuing it—no matter how big or small it may seem to you—and you’re ready to make the changes necessary to move on it.
  • You have a venture concept in mind or want to accelerate the growth of your current venture.
  • You want constructive accountability that won’t hold back… or hold you back.
  • You consider yourself a dedicated Christian and are eager to be among like-minded believers earnestly trusting God with their future.
  • You want creative inspiration mixed with business acumen to sharpen your thinking about your venture.
  • You can commit to attending two 120-minute sessions per month for a minimum of three months.

Space is limited. Register today.

Participation is limited to six members and you must commit to a three-month participation. The cost is $485 for the three-month program. (Alternatively, you may elect to pay $175 monthly for each of the three months). Our next Mastermind sessions get underway March 2016.