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Workshop FAQs

Whether you have an idea clearly in mind that you’d like to pursue or you are unsure if you have one, you should expect that your thinking will be stretched and broadened. If you come with a receptive spirit, we are convinced you’ll find some practical ways you can take next steps toward discovering and acting on the dream God has given you. We’ll literally create a 90-day plan for your idea.

The BoldIdea Workshop is designed for adult Christian men and women who see themselves as stewards of the gifts God has given to them. They know they are not to live for themselves, but for Christ and are eager to discover how God will work out His purposes in their life. They know they are not able to do on their own strength what God has called them to do. They also know the flesh wages war against the Spirit and their natural inclination will be to create comfort rather than to seek out change. Yet, knowing these things compels them to challenge themselves to not settle. If that describes you, you’ll find like-minded believers eager to explore God’s dream along with you at the BoldIdea Workshop.

It really doesn’t matter whether the idea is a vocational change or just something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but have never found a way to start. You may have a number of things that fall in category. Don’t worry. There will be time for you to identify and define an idea to focus on at this workshop. The principles you learn will apply to any idea, even if you’re not sure what it is or change your mind later. And you just might. There’s a good reason for that; but you’ll have to come to the BoldIdea Workshop to discover why.

One of the great takeaways you’ll have is your 90-day action plan. Every participant’s plan will be unique for them. Of course, we can’t make you follow your plan, but we will help you identify some of the things that might stand in your way. And we’ll help you define your own Idea Team who will encourage you after the workshop. To help you get the most from your BoldIdea experience, you’ll also get free access to the BoldIdea University for three months. This will further equip you to pursue your dream. There’s even a business track for those whose idea involves launching a business.

Absolutely! A number of couples have found it helpful to come to the BoldIdea Workshop to work on their ideas. And a number of participants have brought close friends. We welcome that, but please be aware that we will ask you to sit at different tables. This is designed to maximize your learning. When you interact with someone you already know, you unwittingly take shortcuts, and make assumptions about the other. Sometimes, too much knowledge is a bad thing. We’ve found that individual learning is enhanced when familiar friends are separated during the workshop. Besides, you can always get your friend’s insights after the event—that’s a double win.

The BoldIdea Workshop will begin promptly at 6 p.m. on Friday night, so please arrive a few minutes early to gather your materials and settle in. You’ll should also eat before you arrive as only light snacks will be available. We’ll conclude Friday night by 10 p.m. and the workshop will resume again at 8.a.m. on Saturday, concluding at 5 p.m. that evening.

With the BoldIdea Workshop you’ll receive:

  • A 40-page workbook to define your idea
  • A 90-day action planning tool to help you launch your idea
  • Structured time for personal reflection and sharing with others
  • Follow-up benefits of a private FaceBook group, exclusive webinars and access to BoldIdea University

When you choose to supersize your experience with BoldIdea Workshop Plus, you’ll receive everything the workshop offers in addition to:

  • Individual, private coaching during the workshop experience
  • 50 minute post-workshop phone consultation session with Leary
  • Direct email access to Leary for 3-months of venture coaching
  • Additional resources to help you refine and launch your bold idea

The BoldIdea Workshop is a journey that begins on Friday night as you unpack your idea and ends on Saturday with a plan to pursue it. All along the way you’ll be interacting with others, learning from them and offering your insights, too. Because of this, we suggest that you come to BoldIdea Workshop fully present for the entire time.

The regular fee to attend BoldIdea Workshop is $179. Early registrants can save 25% off the regular rate when they register at the early bird rate of $134.

The regular fee to attend BoldIdea Workshop Plus is $329. Early registrants can save $45 off the regular rate when they register at the early bird rate of $284.

Yes. If you know someone who’s been to a BoldIdea Workshop, ask them for their referral code. You’ll instantly get $20 off registration. If you are facing a financial hardship or are a new college graduate, you can receive an instant $40 scholarship. (These discounts cannot be combined.) If you still find it difficult to afford the $95 fee after the partial scholarship, ask your church or another person to sponsor you or reach out to us. We do not want a highly motivated person to be kept from the BoldIdea Workshop experience because of cost.

If you register for BoldIdea Workshop and subsequently find that are not able to attend for any reason, you may cancel your registration simply by notifying us. Cancellation requests received at least two weeks prior to the event will be fully refunded. Requests received less than two weeks before the event will be partially refunded: up to one week before the event will receive a 50% refund; within one week of the event will receive a 25% refund. You may, of course, transfer your registration to another party. Just let us know so we can get the pre-workshop information to them.

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Mastermind FAQs

The Spring 2016 BoldIdea Mastermind dates are to be determined.

The cost is $485 for the three month program and includes access to all six 120-minute live sessions, access to a private online project portal, email coaching and other online resources. If you prefer, you can make three monthly payments of $175.

You’re the only one accountable for the dreams and ideas that God’s put within you. But you don’t have to go it alone. The Bold Idea Mastermind is your support system to make the progress you’ve been looking for. Expect to be challenged. Inspired. And to learn—a ton.

Of course, what you get out of something is in proportion to what you put into it. So if you’re serious about moving on your venture, you should expect to make some real substantive progress—or, at least, know why you didn’t. In addition to engaging with other like-minded believers who want to unleash the ideas God put inside them, you’ll work personally with Leary to get inspiration, connections and next steps on your idea.

No. The Mastermind is an entirely different experience than the workshop. While it’s helpful to have attended the BoldIdea Workshop, it is by no means necessary. You’ll get a lot out of it either way.

The power of a Mastermind program is the connections and interactions that occur among the members. Time will be given in each session to focus on one member’s specific objectives where everyone will be able to provide input in a constructive way. Three months allows all members to have one focus time on their project. If you’re concerned that three month commitment may be too much for you right now, it’s best that you don’t register. Every member joining the group must be confident that there is an equal level of commitment to this program.

At the end of the three months, all members of the Mastermind will be given the opportunity to commit to another three month term (with a new slate of topics). There is no obligation to continue after the first term.

The most suitable ideas for this Mastermind program are the ones that are venture minded. That typically means you’re contemplating starting a new business or a new non-profit, but other ventures could equally find value, especially those where you need to cultivate an audience, such as becoming an author, speaker, or coach. Each of these endeavors can benefit from increased accountability and the engagement with those from a variety of backgrounds.

In addition to the live video conference calls, you’ll have access to a private online project portal where you can share ideas and insights with other Mastermind members. You’ll also get access to the Featured Topics and recorded video calls.

To get the most out of Mastermind, all live sessions are conducted by video conference with all participants. That means, you’ll need a computer with a video camera, microphone and high-speed internet (at least 2mb/s upload).If you are concerned about your current computer configuration, please contact us and we’ll find a way to test your equipment before you commit.

Because of the intimate nature of the Mastermind we ask for a commitment to all sessions over the three month period. However, we know that from time to time unexpected situations arise that may make it impossible for you to meet your commitment. We ask that you inform us as soon as possible if you cannot make a session. Since all the sessions will be recorded, you’ll have an opportunity to review what you missed and still contribute to the group’s activities.

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